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home for sale sign in front of a brick homeIt is imperative that termite inspections are part of your pre-purchase building and pest inspection report.

The Gold Coast area is particularly bad for termite infestations. Termites just love our climate and with the high levels during some parts of the year, so our drainage systems get tested so it is likely a good time to ensure the drainage is in top order as Termites love moisture and wet and damaged wood is a perfect feeding ground for termites.

The cost of a comprehensive building and pest inspection may save you  thousands of dollars if termites are discovered. They are known to eat out a whole wall structure in a very short period of time. They are also clever and leave the obvious areas till last. We only see signs of termite damage when it is too late.

Termite Inspections: Gold Coast Homes

Once you have purchased your home you then need to schedule on-going termite and pest inspections. Termites are one of Australia’s most feared pests because they have been known to infest homes and other properties quickly and often without detection.

They are capable of causing substantial damage to some of the most important structural components of a building, especially if a property uses wood or timber construction.

Termites, which are commonly referred to as white ants in many parts of the world, feed on plant fibre known as cellulose. Cellulose exists in a number of products, but it is most prevalent in timber. When termites are able to find timber products on which to feed, they will infest a property and begin to consume it from the inside out at a rapid pace.

Some homeowners fail to arrange professional termite inspections because they believe that they can detect the creatures without professional assistance. Unfortunately, most people simply lack the skills and training necessary to detect termites.

Termites are rarely seen by the naked eye because they are incredibly effective at keeping themselves hidden. Professional termite inspectors with special training are able to notice signs and evidence of the insects, even in places that seem to be free from termite activity. With this ability, inspectors are able to provide homeowners with solutions to their termite problems before serious damage is able to occur.

termites feeding on timberOf course, there are many things that you can do to discourage termites from entering your property. Perhaps the most effective action you can take is to keep your property free from clutter like scraps of wood or other types of debris that might attract termites. You should remove these unnecessary bits of debris from all areas of your property, including your gardens and other vegetation areas. You can also try to use consumer-grade insecticides as a means of preventing termites from becoming attracted to your property. However, these efforts are often undertaken in vain if they are not combined with regularly scheduled inspections. That is because termites are determined enough to find a way into your home regardless of your best efforts at discouraging them.

When you combine regular inspections with your diligent efforts at termite prevention, you can battle the creatures on all fronts. It is best to schedule inspections on a yearly basis if you live in a cooler region, but you should schedule at least two annual inspections if you live in a warmer area. Also, it is recommended that you schedule the inspections to occur during times of the year when termite activity is at its most intense.

Generally speaking, early spring to late summer is the time of year when termites are most active, but they can certainly wreak havoc during other times of the year, as well.

Expert Pest Inspector checking for signs of termitesIf you are willing to enlist the assistance of others when it comes to a professional termite inspection, you might have some reservations about the cost of such a service. Some homeowners are unwilling to hire a termite inspection service because they feel that they cannot justify the expense. However, you should understand that the costs related to termite inspection are quite small compared to the massive expenditures associated with repairing a home that has experienced extensive damage. The best advice is to think about inspections as a type of insurance — you may not see the value immediately, but the inspections will almost certainly pay off at some point during your ownership of a home.

Taking care of your home is something that makes you feel pride and a sense of accomplishment. If you like to handle your home’s maintenance by yourself, you should understand that maintaining your home properly often involves the expertise of others. That’s why you should never underestimate the value of a professional termite inspection. Your home’s value and the safety of your family could depend upon it.

TPC Are Accredited Kordon Termite Barrier Inspectors for the Gold Coast Region

Kordon termite barriers are sold and backed by the Bayer company.

If your property has a Kordon Termite Barrier System in place TPC® are now accredited inspectors of the product. TPC are available to carry out annual warranty inspections.

Bayer’s 10 year warranty requires the property to be inspected at least annually and failure to do so may void any warranty so ensure you keep up the annual inspection. Bayer’s 10 year manufacturer’s warranty will expire after 10 years, so if you call TPC your property may apply for an additional extended warranty ‘conditions apply’ Call us today for more information.

Bayer Termite Barrier Accreditation

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