Should A Seller Get A Pre-Sale Building And Pest Inspection?

A property, be it for business use or a new home is probably the largest investment that any individual or group of individuals will ever make.

Any mistakes made during the purchasing process will be almost instantly regretted – and once that sale goes through rectifying any issues with the property can prove time consuming and inevitably expensive.

The time to make sure that the property investment is everything that the seller has made it out to be is prior to signing the final documentation and handing over the check.Termite Damage

This is why it is incredibly important, in fact crucial that the buyer insist on a pre-sale building and pest inspection.

However, although the rule of ‘let the buyer beware’ is always applicable, the property the seller (or vendor as the case may be) should also carefully consider the value of a pre-sale building and pest inspection by a qualified service provider.

In many instances the seller will be relying on the proceeds of the sale to provide funding for another investment – often another property. Should problems be brought to the attention of the seller by the buyer as a result of them conducting a pre-sale inspection a delay in finalizing the sale is almost certain to occur. In fact many buyers will view with suspicion a seller who has not acted with due diligence prior to attempting to close the sale. This suspicion can very well cause the buyer to back away from the deal entirely.

Having a pre-sale building inspection (and combining that with a pest inspection) is good for both parties. The seller can move forward using the results of the inspection as a tool to indicate to the buyer that they operate according to strict set of moral rules and have utmost confidence that the property that they have placed on the market represents an excellent long term investment.

Spot Issues Before They Become A Problem – Pre-Sale Building & Pest Inspection

A professionally conducted pre-sale and pest inspection will furnish both buyers and sellers with invaluable information about any potential defects that will affect the value of the property, or in some cases its structural integrity. Many of the reports that are generated as a result of the inspection contain information such as the following:

1. Visual evidence of drainage and water leaks present
2. Structural movement (for instance whether cracking in the walls is indicative of a more serious structural issue).
3. Defects in roofing and other structures

4. Termites

For those who are considering the purchase of a property in a region or area that is known to have problem pests it’s important to realize that many organizations that supply pre-sale inspections differentiate between the ‘building inspection report’ and a ‘pest inspection report’.

It is fair more preferable to find a service provider who will perform both of these inspections and issue a combined report. This will give both buyer and seller the necessary confidence to move forward with the sale.

Before commissioning an inspection either the buyer or the seller should ensure that the person or organization that will carry out the service is professionally competent to do so. The person who is carrying the inspection should be a professional such as a surveyor, architect or master builder. In addition it should be confirmed that the end result – the report complies with local standards and will be acceptable to all parties.

A pre-sale building and pest inspection will increase the confidence of both parties and also ensure that no surprises lie in wait after the sale. This avoids the possibility of either party incurring further legal costs and will provide absolute peace of mind after the sale has been concluded.

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