Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection Gold Coast

Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection Service Gold Coast

Termites are active on the Gold Coast. A large number of properties within the Gold Coast City and Hinterland have termites.

TPC® understand how extreme the situation is for homeowners & purchaser’s as we inspect Gold Coast homes every day.

We appreciate that most purchasers are ready to spend their life savings on a home, so our inspections are a critical part of the buying decision.

At TPC Building & Pest Inspections, we offer affordable inspections for homeowners looking to sell and Purchasers looking to buy.

Our inspectors are trained to inspect for termites, timber decay / wood rot and borers. We also detect for traces of moisture and leaks since humidity is favorable to termite infestations.

If a property has termites, we provide a detailed report and a proposal with options on ways to treat live termites and protect the property long term.

Building and Pest Inspection Gold Coast

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Why Should You Have Your Home Inspected For Termites?

First of all, catching the problem early can help the purchaser make an informed decision prior to signing a contract or prior the building and pest cooling off period which can save a lot of money.

If you plan on selling your home, obtaining a Building & Pest Report will provide you the confidence in selling the home or it will give time to rectify any issues that may be raised by the inspectors.

TPC have been inspecting homes for many years, we have the inspectors available who are experienced.

Noticing the presence of termites is not easy for the untrained eye , however our professionals know what to look for. You might not think there are termites in your home but there is really no way to tell until you hire a professional to inspect.

Our inspectors will inspect every available area of the property. We will show you the traces left by termites and explain how bad the problem is. We will also put together a detailed report that documents the damage that has been caused by termites and give you a good idea of what you will need to do in order to get rid of the termites.

You should give us a call right away if you have any reason to believe there are termites in your home.

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Buying A Home Or Investment Property?

A Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection Is Essential

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