Why Leaky Showers Attract Termites

by Luke Taylor on September 15, 2015

TPC Property Services do a LOT of building and pest inspections on the Gold Coast. We do pre-sale inspections for sellers wanting to be sure that nothing will stand in the way of a straight forward sale. We do pre-purchase building and pest  inspections for buyers wanting to be sure that the home they are wanting to buy is not only built soundly but is pest free.

We see a lot of termite damage and 2 common causes of termites getting into the tasty timbers your home is built with are 1. organic matter such as timber and plants piled up against the side of the home and 2. leaking bathrooms, kitchens and laundries – in fact anywhere a leak can be found such as in the roof or gutters. If you see signs of water leaks anywhere in the home it is absolutely critical that you get the leak fixed and check for termite activity using a licensed operator like TPC Property Services.

Water dripping onto timber softens up the timber making it easy for termites to find their way in and set up home. If this timber is in your home you can very quickly end up with a massive termite damage bill.

A regular termite inspection is like an insurance policy. We highly recommend that all homes in termite areas such as the Gold Coast take out a termite insurance policy – call us today – have a chat with Luke – Call 1300 552 234

Here’s what happens when leaks go unnoticed:

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