What If You Find Live Termites On The Gold Coast?

by Luke Taylor on December 17, 2013

As a home owner, the last thing that you want to find while you’re doing some renovations is the presence of live termites or any other pests for that matter.

Unfortunately the cold hard facts are these;
1. One in three homes on the Gold Coast will experience live termite activity at some time.
2. You will most likely only discover the presence of live termites if you book a regular termite inspection

What do you do if you find termites munching on the timber structure of your home?

Best thing to do is to leave them alone and call The Pest Company on 1300 552 234

Want to know what a live termite looks like? Watch this (very) short video!

Safeguard your Gold Coast home and investment properties; arrange regular TPC termite inspections

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