Termites Smash Gold Coast Homes

by Luke Taylor on October 14, 2018

Termites smash timbers beyond repair “What’s holding up the house”? Daily event for us at TPC. We believe it to be an easy solution for all homes owners to reduce the risk of a termite attack and that is done by engaging a licensed timber pest inspector for ongoing Termite Inspections every 6-12 months without fail. Some homes may need three monthly inspections depending on many factors. Termite protection is the only way to be sure you are safe from an termite attack. Most damage occurs in less than a few months, most houses don’t settle for that period! What does this mean ? It means you get the inspection done prior to agreeing/signing to purchase (be sure you have a Building & Pest Clause in the contract, see your conveyancer) and then on settlement date have the the termite protection system installed.  #buildingandpestgoldcoast #termitesgoldcoast #goldcoast #termitebarriers  

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