Termites on the Gold Coast

by Luke Taylor on March 4, 2019

Termites are damaging Gold Coast homes every minute of the day. We have a severe situation as 1 in 4 homes are attacked, leaving Gold Coast home buyers and owners paying out large sums of money in rectification bills.

Looking closer at the species of Termites that cause most of the damage are Schedorhinotermes and Coptotermes Species that do not stop, are unpredictable and hungry. The Gold Coast is known for its humid weather so the conditions here are perfect for termites. We then add the rain which boosts the breeding cycle as Termites are cold blooded and thrive in humid conditions and require moisture to survive.

How to protect your home from a Termite attack?

The first part of any Termite Management program is to have an inspection. Many new home buyers looking for a property should ensure they contact a Building & Pest Inspection company that can carry out the inspection prior to signing the contract. Having piece of mind before spending a large amount of money on an investment is a wise move. Booking one is easy here at TPC : 07 55762602

Termite Protection for home buyers is achievable and should not be overlooked. As Termites on the Gold Coast keep smashing homes, be sure you protect the property once the property settles. A Gold Coast Building & Pest Inspection is an essential piece when buying a property, however it should not stop there. Protection is possible on all properties and should be carried out to save your investment from an attack, which will lead to a costly event you are best to avoid.

A Termite Management system that protects Gold Coast homes from Termites will start at $2000 and move up towards $3500 for an average 3 – 4 bedroom home. Many factors come into account when pricing a property to protect it from Termites. Need a Proposal now, get a free Termite Protection plan from TPC simply call us now Ph: 07 55762602.

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