Termite Warning Gold Coast

by Luke Taylor on April 17, 2019

Termite Damage Gold Coast

Termites smash gold Coast Homes and potential homeowners need to know just how much. As termites are responsible for millions of $$ in Termite Damage In Australia per year, the Gold Coast has to take a huge chunk of the cost. With 1 in 4 homes getting attacked in Australia, the Gold Coast would be more like 1 in 3.

How do we know, because we inspect homes all day every day and know the damages are excessive. Homeowners are unaware of the degree of risk when purchasing a property on the Gold Coast. Those that have had termites eat their house are now protecting their investment. We have seen homeowners spend $60,000.00 on repairing Termite Damage, some have simply knocked the house down due to the server damage.

NEVER buy a home relying on a third party report. If the report is not in your name, then the report is not yours. Always have a Building and Pest Inspection and report written report in your hands prior signing the contract. Need an inspection – call us today 07 55762602

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