Termite help, how to protect my home

by Luke Taylor on August 1, 2019

Termites destroy house timbers beyond repair

Termite Damaged Timbers

“What’s holding up the house” It seems to be a daily event here for us at TPC, the devastating effects caused by termites.

Termites damage timbers fast! In less than a few months, termites will cause significant damage. When buying a home, most properties don’t even settle within that period!

What does this mean, where do homeowners go to get help?

There is a simple solution to the Termite problem that exists in South East Queensland. Following a few easy steps

  1. Engage a licensed timber pest inspector for ongoing Termite Inspections every 6-12 months without fail. Some homes may need three monthly inspections, depending on many factors.
  2. If lives termites are located during the inspection a Termite Treatment program should be carried out immediately. Following this treatment,
  3. Install a Termite protection system. When it comes to Termite protection the best plan of attack is to have a Termite expert visit the property and provide a written proposal. The proposal may provide for, a combination of systems like, Physical & Chemical barriers, Reticulation systems and baiting systems.

 Most  professional Professional Pest Control companies offer onsite  Termite  Management proposals Free.

Call us, we can have our technician out within a few days, you’ll get all the facts.

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