Pest and Termite Control In Tropical Areas

by Luke Taylor on January 22, 2014

Let me tell you a story that will prompt you to check out pest control if you live in warm climate like the Gold Coast in South East Queensland.

The other evening I was sound asleep, most likely dreaming about cupcakes or something, when I felt a little tickle on my face. Thinking it was merely the wind blowing the tassels on my blanket, I carelessly brushed it away. That’s when it happened! I felt 8 long, hairy legs spread around my face and with the way I screamed I was lucky it didn’t crawl into my mouth.

If you have a pest problem it’s time to poach that cockroach and dis-invite the termite. DIY methods are only useful temporarily however, if you want long term results, i.e. a pest free home, you really do need to call in a professional pest control team

One of the main pest threats in sub tropical and tropical regions is the termite, also known by some as a white ant.

To put it in perspective for you, 1 out of 3 houses on the Gold Coast, have actually had or will have termites; I’m guessing those odds don’t make you feel real comfortable, especially if you are a property owner.

Eastern Subterranean Termite (Reticulitermes flavipes) workers in decaying wood, central Texas

Termites can be detected utilising a thermal imaging camera. Personally, I think this modern technology is positively brilliant. It causes no damage to your house; it just simply identifies heat patterns and can find termites that the human eye might miss.

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