Gold Coast: A Popular Tourist Destination

Gold Coast is a city in Queensland (QLD). Sitting on the Pacific Coast of Eastern Australia, it’s become quite a tourist destination for visitors from other countries that come to this continent from the rest of the world. That leaves some wondering where this popularity stems from. If you’re one of them, keep reading to learn 5 reasons why it’s happened:

1) Cheaper: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth might seem like more logical destinations for a vacation in Australia given their sights and sounds and size, but the Gold Coast is often a cheaper place to fly in and stay. International flights, depending on where they’re coming from, don’t have to travel as far to get here, and on an international vacation, every dollar (or other unit of currency) matters.

2) Climate: Most Australian climate is pretty mild, but the Gold Coast fluctuates from temperate to tropical depending on the day and month. Given how warm it is here, you can enjoy a great beach vacation most any time of year, plus also get a rare glimpse into rainforest environs not that far up the coast or inland from the city itself.

3) The beaches: Perhaps the star attraction, the beaches of the Gold Coast are pristine gems, even for an island continent. There’s always swimming, surfing, beach volleyball, parties, games, kite-surfing, or just getting a tan or playing in the sand with those you love. You can spend all day in the warmth of the sun and the splash of the surf, or come out and spend a quiet evening of reflection staring into the crashing waves rolling before the star-capped abyss. They say the Pacific has no memory, but you surely will leave with memories of this place.

4) The urban amenities: The beach and nearby tropical and lush forests are not all there is. For a city of its size, Gold Coast delivers in terms of amenities. From comfortable accommodations and tasty dining to night clubs and entertainment, you could spend a week indoors when it is raining and still have the time of your life. Make sure you have a comfortable bed to sleep in here, but don’t plan on being in it very much.

5) Transit connections: The location of Gold Coast isn’t just something that maybe makes it a cheaper entry point to the rest of the continent, but a great place from which to strike out. Several other major cities are short flights away, and a lot is accessible via rail or bus. New Zealand isn’t far away and shouldn’t be missed while down here, and there are even some day-long flights that might let you see Antarctica from the air for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see that continent.

Now that you know 5 reasons why Gold Coast, QLD is so very popular for tourists, you might be tempted to become one yourself and visit.

Why Gold Coast is so popular.

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