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If you’ve never visited Australia and you’re unfamiliar with the Gold Coast of Queensland then you may find it interesting to learn that it is quickly becoming one of the go to places for surfers. The area has over 70 Kilometers of beaches which is over 43 miles. There are four significant break points to enjoy and it’s one of the reasons why it is now considered a paradise for surfers.

A Party Destination

Even those who are not hardcore surfers find this area to be like a paradise and the beaches can be enjoyed year round. With 35 beaches to choose among, all of which have professional lifeguards on duty throughout the entire year, and with areas suitable for all levels of surfers, it just doesn’t get any better. The Gold Coast is a perfect place for beginner surfers to come and learn.

There are a number of Surfing schools that are available and they all have teachers who are accredited. You will learn how to stand up on your board and how to catch that first wave. You will learn how to protect yourself and to respect other surfers and what to do when the inevitable happens and you come off the board.

As a party destination, even those who are not into surfing can still enjoy the Sun and other activities while also enjoying watching those who are surfing. Because this is a major destination for surfers, even someone who doesn’t want to surf themselves will likely enjoy watching the highly skilled and experienced surfers that come to this area.

Snapper Rocks Superbank

The southernmost points of Rainbow Bay, Kirra, and Snapper Rocks are the areas where the most serious Surfers will have on the top of their list to go. Anyone who is able to catch a wave there we’ll have to hang on for the ride of a lifetime. The waves are fast and furious and generally recommended for skilled servers. The area hosts the Quiksilver pro surfing competition and that attracts a lot of the very best surfers. There are days where heavy hollow barrels are common.

Palm Beach

Those who want to stay close to the city will find this area a great place to go to enjoy time in the sun, swimming, surfing, and other water activities. Once you make your way down 21st Avenue you will then simply need to decide which side of the rocky jetty that you want to enjoy. This area routinely has weather that produces swells that create enjoyable waves for the Surfers. A few times a year cyclones create a situation that makes surfing ideal for the most experienced Surfers but a bit too difficult for those who are beginners.

History Of Surfing On The Gold Coast

Over the last 50 years, the area has gone from just a series of Seaside communities to one of the most sought-out travel destinations in the world. Much of the success of the tourism in the area is due to the surfing community and the fact that the area has surfing opportunities that are perfect for both the beginner and the most experienced surfers in the world.

The Best of the Gold Coast

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